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"I have known Carole Bartz for over fourteen years.  I know Carole in her capacity as a tutor and former substitute teacher.  Over the years I have referred students to Carole for tutoring.  Carole has been successful in helping children fill the gaps in their learning and also at discovering how students learn. 



She has an educational therapy practice and a tutoring business for children in our geographic area.  She helps students become independent, successful learners."


—  Connie Penney, Teacher (Meadowfields Community School)

"I don't know where I'd be or what I would do without you. I probably would have failed math and been on an IPP program and not getting awards and academic honours in school like I have the last few years.​ My short-term, auditory, and visual memory has been strengthened and my self-confidence level has risen significantly."

-- Mia Whitehouse, Educational Therapy student


"Both our children are dyslexic.  We heard about Carole Bartz and the NILD Program through friends.  As both children attended Waldorf education in Germany our interest was captured by the rhythmic writing in the NILD program, which is similar.  Last January, both children have been involved in the NILD program under Carole Bartz.  Our son was on the IPP school program since we moved to Canada in September 2010.  Our daughter spent two years on language support.


After starting the program with Carole Bartz our children’s teachers saw improvement.  Our son was removed from the IPP program after only four months with Carole."


—  Antje Winkelmann DVM, Parent

"Thank you for all your work in teaching me English as a Second Language!


In the early days I remember I could hardly put two words together making it almost impossible for me to communicate.  You are giving me tools necessary to progress.  I always appreciate your professionalism, patience, and practicality in tutoring.   It is not at all easy to learn a foreign language but your methods of teaching always motivate me to keep on being more familiar and competent with the English language.


I look forward to continuing my lessons!"

—  Sylvia Ruschmeyer, ESL student from Germany

“As I grew to know Josiah (Carole’s son) and Carole, I became familiar with the story of Josiah’s terrible accident.  His prognosis, especially in the area of brain development was not positive.  Carole refused to accept this and became an expert in brain-based learning to support Josiah’s learning needs.  Carole’s persistence, commitment and determination in supporting Josiah’s learning and development provided him with the skills needed to enter the adult world as an independent hardworking and educated young man.


Due to Josiah’s accident Carole pursued a Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Educational Therapy.  She opened an educational therapy practice in August of 2011.  Principals and teachers have referred students to her.


Carole is liked and respected by members of the school community.  She is collegial and respectful toward students, parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff.  She is positive in her relationships supporting students and parents through her educational therapy practice.


Mrs. Bartz models enthusiasm and professionalism in her practice.  She is a positive role model to students and families.  Her commitment and focus on education is second to none.  I recommend her without hesitation."


Grant Dunn, Principal (Maple Grove Education Centre)

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